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Engage Week Day7

Sit Down and Get Messy

Part of the process that is essential to understanding the pursuit of revival is - we must be willing to get dirty. We can't expect revival to come and not get messy. We can't hope to know and experience revival without us getting uncomfortable.

Revival takes the body of Christ where we don't like to go many times. It is stretching and difficult at times. But if we aren't willing to sit down and get messy, than who will?

That is why, as we were driving down Fairfield Road the Spirit of God prompted me to turn the car around and pull up into a person's driveway. There was a KIA sitting towards the back with two people inside and one person outside.

After starting up a conversation, the Lord opened the door for me to sit down in the car and strike up a fun dialogue with them. Vic, Jarvis, and Red. 3 friendly individuals who were more than willing to interact. And what it comes down to is, I was willing to get messy. Willing to sit in a car that I don't know these people. Willing to go into an environment that might make some uncomfortable.

But the question must be asked, if we don t who will/ We are to love on everyone.

Thankfully, over the course of 7 days in Columbia, our teams of 3-4 missionaries went into the communities to encounter over 400 people and love on them. And many times, it took these teams getting messy. It took believers getting out of their comfort zone. But this is only part of the process. Revival continues when believers keep sitting down and getting dirty with those new believers after we have engaged them. Discipleship needs to continue and take place. And it most definitely takes time…

Thankfully, the Lord has provided a local Columbian, Tim Hanley, to oversee the "call to making disciples" process. Also, the Lord has provided area leaders who have stepped up to oversee the specific regions we went to share the Gospel in (Reverend Joe and Janis English, Evangelist Charlene Trapp, Pastor James Murray, Evangelist Kent Guess, Pastor Dave Phillips/Tiffany Gibbs, Minister Annette White, and H.L. and Janie Allen). It's amazing!

We are still in need of 2 more area leaders who will help connect disciple-makers to encounters, as well as many more who are needed to teach the truth of Jesus to those we prayed with and talked to. As Tim wrote with an encouraging tone…”We have lots of work to do.” We need to sit down and get messy with others.

2 Timothy 2:2 says, "You have heard me teach things that have been confirmed by many reliable witnesses. Now teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others."

This is just the beginning of seeing revival break out in Columbia. All for His glory.

Kyle Lance Martin





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APRIL 22, 2014
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